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DSP Assistive Technology Teaching & Learning Center (ATTLC)

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The mission of the Disabled Students' Program Assistive Technology Teaching & Learning Center is to educate UC Berkeley students with disabilities in the use of current and emerging assistive technologies that enable students to more independently achieve their educational goals.

To fulfill our mission, we provide small group information and demonstration sessions, assistive technology assessment, individualized or small group instruction, and opportunities for students to learn by using assistive technologies.

Hours and Location

Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm; call (510) 643-7591 to check availability.
22 Wheeler Hall

ATTLC Schedule

Comments from ATTLC Supporters

"I'm so happy to see UC Berkeley taking the proactive step of creating a fully accessible computer lab for students with disabilities. A big problem for people who use assistive technology is having it available in the places where they need to use a computer. By having assistive technologies so readily available to the students, the University has demonstrated its forward-thinking approach to inclusion of all students. This new lab, in addition to being totally cool, will be an incredible asset to the DSP students."

Dmitri Belser, Executive Director
Center for Accessible Technology
Berkeley, California

“I just had the pleasure of visiting the new U.C. Berkeley Assistive Technology Teaching and Learning Center. With its state-of-the-art technologies and committed staff, Berkeley is truly invested in access for all students. The comparison between the old lab, fondly and aptly referred to as “The Cave,” and today’s space is remarkable. Freedom Scientific is pleased to be partners with a University that is committed to accommodating all student needs."

Roberta G Brosnahan
VP & General Manager
Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group

"Congratulations to the new UC Berkeley Assistive Technology Teaching and Learning Center! Lucy Greco and the Assistive Technology team have done a tremendous job of bringing together the latest state-of-the-art assistive technology into a center that is new, modern and appealing. The wide variety of assistive technology that is now available for students to evaluate is impressive. But what impresses me most is just how accessible the new center is for UC Berkeley students. We are proud that some of our products—Kurzweil 3000 and IntelliKeys—are part of the impressive array of technology solutions on display."

Well done UC Berkeley!

David Bradburn
Vice President, Cambium Learning Technologies


“The University of California, Berkeley has always been a leader in technology. The new Assistive Technology Teaching and Learning Center is a state-of-the-art example of UC Berkeley’s commitment to integrity and inclusion for all students. The facility is designed for students with disabilities who require accessible instruction materials and textbooks, to experience a variety of technologies to find what works best for them.

For 15 years, Benetech has enjoyed a close relationship with members of UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program; we look forward to continued collaboration.”

Jim Fruchterman,
CEO Benetech/Bookshare
Palo Alto, California


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